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Women Buyers Rising in Real Estate Arena

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Owning a luxury home

is very crucial in anyone’s lives, especial when you are married. The trends of owning & aspiring to a new home are now changing. It’s no more the concern for a male gender. Now in metro cities what we are noticing is that women are more concern to acquire & own the new dream home. Since long man has been considered accountable for attaining the house. Women in metro cities are coming forward in initiating as well as the decision making to buy a house, thereby breaking the conventional method of acquiring the new dream home.

The economic conditions of women in India

are changed they have become more self-dependent & financially sound. The changing working trends (Such as work from home) in India and the government policies have also helped females to become self-dependent & financially strong. As per the recent survey, women contributions are remarkable thereby becoming the biggest group of house owners in India, especially in the metropolitan cities. This trend is now encapsulating another tier two cities of India.

According to one of the biggest

real estate survey

report, 32% of single women are buyers of real estate property in India, above all the figures are more admirable when we see that 74 % of real estate purchases are mainly contributed by decision making of women only. This trend has caught the eyes of most of the biggest real estate developers and realtors in metro cities of India.

Let us look at some of these:-

Flexible Interest Rates

Catching up the trends & matching the feet of Indian changing trends now top national & private sector banks have also geared up to offer some of the best discounts & lower interest rates for women home buyers to fulfil their desire to attain one luxurious dream home.

One House for All

To matching up the thought & empowering women the “House for all” scheme has made it mandatory that women should be either owner or the co-owner while purchasing & booking the affordable houses.

Viewing the changing trend of homeowners in India

Viewing the changing trend of homeowners in India, the government of India & nationalized banks have offered many discounts for females in non-affordable & luxury properties also.

Lower Rates of Registry

So there are

some special discounts up to 2-3% for stamp duty in case of women being the owner

or co-owner while buying the property. Hence Stamp duty in case of women is only 4% than men which is 6% in the case of men.

Rebate on Tax

High tax rebates are applicable for women & if both the couples are co-owning the property then both are eligible for deductions and discounts. Now the trends & time has changed & it’s their time to roll on. Now its time to change the stereotype thoughts of the society. Women buyers should start investing more and ensure the financial stability.

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  1. It was an impressive blog, i am also amazed with the creative thought process of yours that you think about the woman and supporting them.

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