6 Things to Consider Before Selling Your House

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Selling your first home is always a big decision

in anyone’s life because you & your family members have nurtured it with love, sentiments, and emotions. Hence it’s a very hectic process in an individuals life. To make the process smoother & less hectic, you should first plan for buying your next house & then ensure to sell the existing property. Renovating the existing old property with new paint colours, Kitchen renovation & giving the feel of wow factor in your front yard will certainly affect the selling price.

1.  Your Financials

You should first analyze your financial conditions and then only make any decision.

How much loan you have to

take & what is the monthly EMI you have to give. So if you are moving to the new luxury apartment or villa you need to consider paying the overhead expenses. So one should always have some financial buffer before you move into the new one.

2.  The Price

Considering & searching for the current price in the real estate market in your area is the best move. Hence an appraiser will genuinely

tell you the accurate

value of your first dream home. Hence considering their recommendations will always help you in some of the other ways but do not blindly believe them. Try considering others too.

3.  Jot Down on paper


down important points

before purchasing the property is always the good move. Such as what price you should owe and is there any payment penalty or issues with the property. Hence there might be some more stuff to consider into the list which might slow down the process of selling at the desired price. Hence discuss & make sure that every stuff is in place & you should not mess up into some problem. This step by step process will help you in moving forward smoothly in your selling process.

4. Choosing the Realtor

Choosing the right realtor in the local area is a great bet because he only knows the area & persons better than anyone else. The reputation & big name of a realtor will certainly affect the value & price of the house which will increase the chances of good purchaser too. Since realtors earn there living on the basis of commission so they will

try their best to sell your living spaces

at a high price. Make your options open to another realtor who is not living nearby your home but has the good reputation in the real estate industry in your city could in turn be more beneficial than your local realtor.

5. Target Buyers

Always think about the target buyers & target market and then only evaluate your property price accordingly. To make this process more profitable you should always be ahead & inquire before about the expected buyers, hence profiling the expected buyer might also help you in future negotiations.

6. Declutter & Depersonalize


all know that the first impression is the last

impression, so we should always declutter the things with some vacant clean spaces & also we should depersonalize the living areas by removing our personal family photos from the shelves. Setting some wooden works & other luxurious stuff in the front will always leave the good impression on the buyer’s mind. Hence it will make your apartment or house more appealing than before. Fixing some worn out things inside your living spaces will certainly make the difference.

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